Drop the Pain Pills: Research Finds You Can Become Addicted Within Days

University of Arkansas

Although it is a common misconception that an addiction to powerful painkillers can only manifest after long periods of abuse, a new study has found that it is actually possible for people to become dependant on these types of medications within a matter of days.

Researchers at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, which published their...

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NSW Labor pushes too soft too late for decriminalisation of medical cannabis

Luke Foley

The politics of cannabis is becoming tiresome, it seems to be more about archaic laws based on false information and money, money and more money!.
All that's in the news is about the stock market, the economy and money, when it should be about science and helping people who are suffering and in need of comfort.
It actually disgusts me that this is the way of the world, I thought we had more Christian values, but this is obviously not the case.

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Are Smartphones Keeping Kids Away From Drugs?

smart phone

Ever since a federal study was published last year showing that teenage drug use is on the decline across the country, researchers have been on a mission to find out exactly what has caused America’s youth to lose interest in the feel good effects of illicit substances.

According to a recent report from the New York Times, some of those...

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Oxford University to launch medical marijuana research programme

Patrick Stewart

Oxford University is to launch a £10m research programme into the effects of medical marijuana, following calls for its legalisation.

The programme will examine the role of cannabis medicines in treating pain, cancer and inflammatory diseases.

It follows calls from some MPs for legalisation of cannabis on medical grounds, with 58 per cent backing such calls last year.

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Talking Point: It’s time to regulate medicinal cannabis and scrap legal penalties

Ethan Russo, MD

CANNABIS has been used therapeutically throughout human history and was itself a mainstream medicine in Western societies until the Prohibition movements of the 20th century relegated it to the sidelines.

In the past 25 years, science has come to understand that this complex botanical medicine works via the endocannabinoid system (ECS), an innate promoter of homeostasis (balance) in our various physiological systems.

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