On The Inside with Jorge Cervantes Episode 2

Continuing with our look at the heat stricken clones. Plus a look at Trainwreck clones that stretched due to the heat.

On The Inside with Jorge Cervantes Episode 1

In this series, I'll be taking everybody indoors where medical marijuana dispensaries have extensive hydroponic systems running year round. Enjoy!

The Male Plant: A Closeup Look with Jorge Cervantes

It might be a rare thing to come across a male plant, but it's an important job to be able to identify one. In this video we take a closeup look at the male flower and watch it disperse mini clouds of pollen into the air.

STRAINS with Jorge Cervantes Old School New School Comparison

Having a look at a variety of strains, the differences in growth are very clear.
From an old school Santa Maria goddess, to a modern day exotic fusion, these strains are only a drop in the huge ocean of genetics available to the present day grower. Choose wisely!