1. PureCBDExchange.com is Offering a Crazy Deal with 30% Off

Aspen Valley Hemp Company, the nation’s premier supplier of CBG and CBD Hemp flower[1], believes very strongly that when people try CBG products, they’re going to love the relaxing effect. That’s why they’re currently offering 30% off all CBG[2] and CBD products storewide. CBG prices have been highly inflated since it’s rise to prominence, now is your chance to try it out at a reasonable cost. Use the code hightimes at checkout for your 30% discount. 

2. CBG Offers a Wide Range of New Benefits

While this product is very new and reliable research is limited, CBG is looking very promising when it comes to providing new medical benefits. Read Leafly’s assessment on the potential of CBG here.[3] As we begin to gather more evidence and CBG continues to take a bite out of CBD sales, we’ll be able to learn more about the differences in how it interacts with your endocannabinoid system. The anecdotal evidence from early users suggests that many consumers are taking up CBG to improve the quality of their sleep and more. 

3. The Taste is Fantastic

The creation of these genetics took a very long time, a large amount of genetic crossing, and many instances of genetic variant selection. The end result? A very interesting and unique terpene profile with lots of flavor. Consider firing up the vaporizer for the best possible expression of that flavor and aroma. While many CBD strains fit the same cannabis terpene profiles you’re used to, CBG presents a very new taste that is not only unique to Hemp flower, but to cannabis at large. 

4. CBG May be the Future of the Hemp Industry

With new changes to the United States’ hemp laws[4], CBG may become one of the only viable cultivars that can reliably pass extremely stringent testing by 2021. These rules may change, but as it stands now, farmers are already gearing up to dedicate a much larger portion of their crops to CBG production. In addition to regulatory changes, CBG is the first of a long list of new cannabinoids that will enter the market. Our research suggests that people will begin looking to a much wider array of these compounds to treat different people and different symptoms with not only CBD, but CBG, CBN, CBC, and more. 

5. It’s New, it’s Effective, and it’s From the Company you Trust

As many of you may have read in numerous articles from Rolling Stone[5], Leafly[6], High Times[7], and more, Aspen Valley and Pure CBD Exchange offer some seriously high quality products at great prices, matched by a serious commitment to compliance and consumer safety. In terms of Hemp Flower, AVHC stands head and shoulders above the majority of companies selling cheap, low-grade gas station products that can often be covered in mold and other microbial contaminants. The Aspen Valley testing and procurement procedures involve extremely rigorous and extensive analysis of the products you purchase while many companies choose to take advantage of relaxed/non-existent microbial, pesticide, and heavy metal testing requirements.[8]

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