20 Rare Strains We Want to Buy in Canada in 2020

Birthday Cake Kush and Blueberry Pancakes sound sweet — but you can’t buy them in Canada, yet.

Want to spice up your sex life with Wonder Woman or curl up with The Golden Girls? Tough luck: Canadian cannabis consumers couldn’t buy these rare cannabis strains on the regulated market in 2019.

There are thousands of cannabis strains worldwide, but more than one year after legalization, there’s just a limited number on the regulated Canadian market. The complex plant has more than 100 cannabinoids — including CBD and THC — and terpenes, which work together to produce different effects when consumed. These effects can range from stress-relieving to energy-boosting; anxiety-inducing to sedating, but tracking many of these strains down isn’t so simple.

Here are 20 rare strains we hope to see on the legal market soon.

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