Limonene is a terpene found in many everyday items such as cleaning products, fruit rinds, and essential oils. As the name suggests, it smells of citrus.[1][2]

Strains with this terpene are said to improve mood, washing away stress. Limonene isolated by itself has been proven to be a great antifungal and antibacterial agent (hence the cleaning products).

What does this mean for us?

If you want to be super clean and be happy about it, check out these limonene rich strains.

Check out these Limonene rich strains at a dispensary near you:

This potent strain smells of sweet strawberries on a summer day. Vision Qwest is known to be an uplifting, cerebral, and (at times) heavy hitting strain.

As the energized happiness takes over the mind, a mild body buzz will keep you fully grounded. Vision Qwest is a great daytime strain for hanging out with a friend, deep diving into a project, or going out on a thoughtful adventure.

Find Vision Qwest Near You[3]

Galiano has a musky citrus scent with notes of sweetness said to gently lift your spirits and spark your inner creative.

As time progresses, happiness and euphoria meets mental clarity and tasks seem to become effortless. This is until Galiano’s parent, a Northern Lights[4] phenotype, starts to bring you back down into your body. With this, Galiano is best used in the evening or night time.

Find Galiano Near You[5]

Headband gets its name from the cerebral sensation it produces, creating a feeling of pressure around the crown of the head.

But don’t let this scare you, Headband’s experience is an uplifting and euphoric high, and as time progresses has been said to induce a strong body buzz that can leave you deeply relaxed and even a little spacey. This strain is known for its musky citrus scent and a smooth, creamy lemon flavour with a diesel finish. This strain is great for a lazy afternoon.

Find Grail’s Headband Near You[6]

The smell of GSC is something to remember—pungently sweet with earthy kush undertones.

After grinding, juicy, minty cherry notes hit your nose priming the appetite. GSC is known for inducing strong cerebral euphoria, a bit of the giggles, and slight introspection. As the experience carries on, the body starts to unwind and melt into the couch (as the fridge calls to you).

Find GSC Near You[7]

This is a great daytime strain if you need to run errands or tackle that monotonous project you’ve been procrastinating on. BC Diesel has been said to induce a focused and productive mindset without feelings of paranoia.

A slight euphoria feeling paired with its piney lemon scent leaves you feeling straight out of the Okanogan. This mild strain is best used during the daytime or early evening as the effects might keep you awake when you’re trying to go to bed.

Find BC Diesel Near You[8]


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