Personally, cannabis for pets has always interested me, I had a relationship with a friends dog named Storm. Beautiful dog that befriended my community, even all the other dogs in our district respected Storm and it seemed like it was on a intellectual level..... if that's possible?
Storm was a bit like the movie Red Dog, everyone that met her thought they had this special connection, and they did, but the truth be told, Storm had this special connection with everyone. After a very good life, Storm was diagnosed with terminal cancer, I mentioned to Storm's owner that cannabis oil may be a viable solution as Storm had been diagnosed as terminal I thought it's worth a go. I'd heard of other success stories(anecdotally), but at the time cannabis was still and still is very controversial in Australia. Even though medical cannabis is legal here in Australia it's extremely regulated to the point that very few qualify for it, and even if they do the price is ridiculously expensive for both regulated and black market.

It would be nice to see some healthy research in this area........ and for humans too!