All the arizer products are excellent, whether your looking at the Extreme Q or the solo II (my favourite)

So onto the review of the Air II;
First of all the price, one of the most important factors when purchasing.
In Australia you'll be looking at around $340 for this new model and considering the 2 year warranty and the fact that it's assembled and quality controlled in Canada it's not too bad.
If you buy directly from the arizer site now it's free worldwide shipping and the US price of $240 converts into AUD $308

Brand: Arizer
Automatic switch-off: Yes
Warranty: 2 years
Portable / Desktop: Portable
Compatibility: Herbs (flowers)
Delivery method: Direct draw
Heat-up time: 0-10 seconds
Adjustable temperature: Yes
Removable battery: Yes
Battery capacity: 3000 mAh

Inside the box?
    1 x Arizer Air II Vaporizer
    1x Battery
    1 x Charger/USB/power adapter*
    1 x Glass aroma tube – 70mm
    1 x Glass aroma tube – 70mm with tip
    1 x Glass botanical dish
    2 x Silicone stem cover caps
    1 x Belt-clip carry case
    1 x Stainless steel stirring tool
    4 x Stainless steel filter screens
    1 x Package of botanicals
  1 x Instruction manual

The above content comes nicely packaged in the Arizer box, all the glass etc is very well protected for being in transit.

So what's the difference between with the previous Air model ?
The main thing is the battery power. They state on the Arizer site “ Same small size, even bigger performance! “ and that's the big difference to me for this product.
Quicker heating time and longer lasting battery performance.
Heat-up time: 0-10 seconds is stated on some sites;
I tested the heat time and from air temperature(20 cel) to 220 cel (the hottest level), it took 60 seconds, it depends a bit on the air temperature you start with. The second time it heated in 30 seconds as it was already 65 cel prior to heating.
This vaporizer is pocket friendly, it's the vape to take when your out and about, and now with 50% higher battery capacity you should come home a happy chappy.
I almost forgot to mention the batteries are very easily interchangeable now, so you can take a spare if needed.
…... Oh yeah, you can now charge via USB as well as AC, quite handy too.

Not new to the Air II is the Isolated airpath & Boro-silicate Glass Vapor Path for the
purest and most flavorful vapor possible.
This is true,but keep in mind that terpenes/flavinoids vaporise at a lower temp than other cannabinoids such as THC , CBD etc. So the initial flavour is berry nice, but dissipates earlier early in the piece.

Ok, lets go into a bit more detail here;
The Boro-silicate Glass may be pure, but boy is it fragile!
You need to be careful when removing the Boro-silicate Glass mouthpiece, they get very hot at the point of connection and removing and repacking needs to be done carefully. I've broken several Boro-silicate Glass components, so I suggest buying extra when you purchase and also being careful.
This is the same with all the Arizer products.
Buying extras will safe on freight in the long run.

The AirII, like the original Air model is based on a convection heating system, but this depends somewhat on how the Boro-silicate Glass pipe is packed.
It needs to be packed tight enough for the cannabis to remain within Boro-silicate Glass pipe and not touch or fall into the heating element that sits adjacent/below.
The convection heating system relies on the user to draw hot air through the cannabis and into the Boro-silicate Glass pipe, extracting cannabinoids and essential oils along the way.
If the Boro-silicate Glass pipe is not packed correctly or is over-packed, the cannabis can come in contact with the heating element and becomes a conduction heating system (not as good)
The whole reason behind using a vaporizer is to avoid combustion of plant materials and the creation of carcinogens.
So I suggest less is more and pack carefully, it works well if packed correctly.

In finishing;
The battery life needed to be fixed on the Air model and now it's done I can happily recommend the AirII as a great portable vaporiser of exceptional quality.
With a 2 year warranty, Canadian Quality control and attention to detail in it's design, the Air II is a great product !
Ooh and don't forget the free freight deal direct from Arizer's site:

In Summary;
Looks stylish, good battery life and heat speed, extracts oils/cannabinoids very well, doesn’t burn plant material, very portable!, nice taste.

7.5 out of 10

If arizer could devise a better method for containment of cannabis within the pipe I'd give them 8.5 which is .5 away my view of perfection........ I'll never give a 10 :)

Reviewed by Bob Darley
Weed it and weep.