So why aren't we doing clinical trials for curing different forms of cancer in Australia? the government claims to be to at the forefront of the medical cannabis industry, but the reality is they aren't even close.
Unfortunately I would class Australia as one of the least educated countries on the subject of cannabis and catching up will be difficult with the government in power.
Legalising cannabis as the greens proposed is the only sensible solution and the safest for all Australians.
Note: The cannabis oil (ambiguously called hemp oil) Wallace Rose used was made from high potency THC, full spectrum cannabis and can easily be made as seen by the Rick Simpson's method.

It creates what Dr Cristina Sanchez calls " the entourage effect". Click the link to see Dr Sanchez's video.

In todays news:


Territorians forced to pay $3000 for medicinal cannabis
NT News
“They're using a non-standardised product, which is possibly higher in THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) so we're not sure it has a medical benefit.” Mr Keitaanpaa said medicinal cannabis and street weed had major differences. “Medical cannabis are licenced, therapeutic goods produced the same way we ...

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As you can see, propaganda is still rife. The above patient from NT thinks cannabis with high THC is dangerous or won't work, whereas it's the exact opposite.

By Bob Darley