Davinci IQ vaporiser

The main advantage of vaporisers is they can extract the terpines , flavinoids and cannabinoids, without combusting the plant material and creating carcinogens.
There are two main types of vaporiser, conduction and convection.
My Review of the davinci IQ conduction vaporiser

Innovative, high tech, compact, smooth, sleek, efficient design, It's the Ferrari of conduction
vaporisers, the Davinci IQ has it all.
For me it's the perfect travel vaporiser! Extremely compact, this pocket-friendly vaporiser is surprisingly smooth on the throat and delivers a really nice and tasty thick plume of vapour and then some.
There wasn't much I didn't like about this vaporiser, it did everything it said on the Davinci site and
on other reviews I read.
The only thing I'd mention is, to work well it needs regular cleaning and maintenance, like a Ferrari..
It also needs to be packed well, nice and tight.

Everything is really compact with the IQ, so opening the battery or doing anything is a little fiddly, this was frustrating at first, but I have improved and grown to love my IQ.
I suggest buying an extra battery!! or two and maybe a charger.
For deals and more detail, go to the Davinci store

It's now my go-to pocket vape.

By Bob Darley

This youtube review explains things in detail