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Dr Andrew Katelaris talks with AMA

For the last 10 years, a man known as ‘Dr. Pot’(should be Dr Cannabis) has been breaking the law with a crop of cannabis to help provide medicine for those living in pain.


Ok, lots of room for debate here!
Firstly, we can't choose between "Marijuana" or "Cannabis"

As Dr Katelaris says; it is cannabis, no doubt about it.
To my knowledge there are 3 variants; cannabis sativa, cannabis indica and the other one, quite uncommon and can't remember it.
Personally I like the word "Marijuana" whatever it's origins, just slides off the tip of my tongue.
We just need to embrace it as a fantastic healing herb, which is what it is!
Yep, and about mental illness.In the recent doco "A Culture High" they point out similarly  to Dr Katelaris;
schizophrenia has remained at 1% of the population while cannabis consumption has increased 100 fold in the past 40 years.
So looking at those statistics, you'd be lead to believe that schizophrenia would have increased proportionately, but it hasn't, it's still remains at 1%
In the "doco" it was said that cannabis could have a precipitating effect but also mentions, as could many other things.Such as alcohol, relationships, the stuff we go through generally, any trauma.
So pinning the problem to cannabis use seems like utter rubbish and propaganda.
Propaganda like the movie "reefer madness" a classic bit of cold war propaganda, ha.
In the case of the AMA rep saying "we need to be safe and sure.Yes, you do.
But for those diagnosed terminally ill, where the AMA can't help and have given a time limit to their life, why not give them an option of cannabis, legally.
Let them have a chance to heal themselves.
There is a ton of anecdotal evidence and the population is aware of it.
Let us take responsibility for our own health, it is our life.
This is my message to the AMA, our life, here's the signed waiver.We accept full responsibility for our actions.
Peoples attitudes change when they are the one's in need.