Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Ruderalis.
Marijuana, dope, ganja, these are slang names for Cannabis, it's the same cannabis plant.Wikipedia documents over one thousand names for cannabis, who-da thought?
So when you hear some ignorant fool saying, "It's not marijuana" it's medical cannabis, they 're wrong.
But hey, there is a difference between the qualities of cannabis. Regulated Cannabis in Australia would be artificially grown under lights, and is non-organic due to this.
It's regulated and grown in a secure fortress for monetary reasons and to retain an oligopoly on this overly-priced benign herb. It's all about money and the control over it.
The unregulated cannabis, often termed Marijuana, who knows how it's grown?. It could be grown by nefarious criminals or organic gardening buffs, who knows?.
Either way, if it's not self regulated, it's hard to tell.There's so much money involved that no one can be trusted.
So, talking about trust and regulation;
I was amazed, but maybe not too surprised to read an article in SMH this morning  "Thousands of recorded drug busts in NSW never happened"
Now considering cannabis busts are the main drug busts for the police, the large proportion of these mistakes I imagine would be related to cannabis, I could be wrong.

Drug busts have been mistakenly double-counted for the past seven years, and some experts warn the exaggerated data might have been used to justify crackdowns on drug users and support bad policy.

NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research BOCSAR director Dr Don Weatherburn admitted his bureau was at fault, and said the drug bust mistakes built gradually from 2010.
The full article regarding this huge stuff up can be found here

My view is; Drugs don't create criminals, criminals create drugs.

At the end of the SMH article they quoted;
“The war on drugs has never been winnable, and what we see from these recent numbers is that the NSW Police is having an even smaller impact on drug supply than many thought."

The reality is that this is a war on civil liberties, cannabis is benign with many medicinal qualities. Not one death can be associated with cannabis. Something that can't be said about alcohol, opioids or many other prescribed drugs.

references: SMH and Wikipedia

BoB Darley