This is what Australia's Medical Cannabis Scheme has forced those in need to do, break a stupid archaic law that's based on lies and ignorance.
The present medical cannabis program is a mess and has been from the get-go.
It's an endless loop, doctors want more proof, stating the need for double blind trials etc etc etc, but the pharmaceutical companies don't want a bar of it, why would they?
Why would a pharmaceutical company spend money on cannabis research, to prove it's a better natural alternative than what they have to offer?
They can't patent the plant, so why bother with it.
This has been going on for far too long, we can see from cannabis use in the US, Canada, Israel, Spain that no one has died from using cannabis. No one has ever died!
We can also see loads of anecdotal evidence to support it's medicinal use.
So many have suffered from the world war on cannabis and for no good reason.