Here are 10 countries with significant laws legalising medical marijuana:

1) Argentina - In March 2017, Argentina became the most recent country to legalise medical cannabis. It went a step further by agreeing to provide patients that qualify for treatment with this medical cannabis free of charge

2) Australia - Also a country that legalised medical cannabis relatively recently, in August 2016, is Australia, which passed the Narcotic Drugs Act to allow cannabis to be grown for medical and scientific purposes.

3) Croatia - Medical cannabis is legal in Croatia for patients suffering from certain illnesses such as cancer, AIDS or multiple sclerosis.

4) Columbia - Interestingly, Columbia first decriminalised the possession of marijuana in 2012 before legalising cannabis for scientific and medical purposes in May 2016.

5) Jamaica - Similarly, Jamaica decriminalised the possession of marijuana and also created a cannabis licensing authority to cultivate and distribute cannabis for medical and scientific purposes in 2015.

6) France - While France does not allow for the sale of medical marijuana in the traditional sense, the sale of medications that contain cannabis derivatives, such as cannabinoids is legal.

7) Romania - Like France, Romania doesn't allow the outright use of medical marijuana. Instead, the use of medicines containing marijuana derivatives to help ease patients' pain has been legalised.

8) Czech Republic - Medical cannabis was approved for use in the Czech Republic in 2013, under very strict control. Cannabis can only be imported from the Netherlands and a special electronic prescription is required from a specific group of medical professionals for its use.

9) Finland legalised medical cannabis in 2008, with doctors only prescribing the drug to patients only if they do not respond to traditional pharmaceuticals which must be prescribed first.

10) Chile legalised medical marijuana in 2005, and started growing its own cannabis in 2014.