I work in a career that supports people who are struggling in life.  In other words – I’m a ‘model citizen’ and am trained as an Assistant Nurse in Aged and Community Care.

Some years ago I had surgery which left me with chronic projectile diarrhoea – somewhere between 5 and 10 times a day.  I would soil myself in public.  My whole life was affected as was my health.  I dropped 20kgs down to 52kgs (very skinny at 5’8” tall).  Nothing that the Drs could give me made any difference.  My body was literally wasting away, not just from lack of food staying in my GI tract long enough to be absorbed, but also from mal-absorbtion of necessary vitamins and minerals.

After two years of this, feeling fragile and wanting to die, I asked my body what it needed as plainly no one else could help (not even naturopaths and herbalists nor specialists).  The reply came:  “cannabis tea and suppositories”.  I’d never heard of cannabis being used either way but set out to investigate.  Being a ‘law-abiding’ citizen, I had no idea where to purchase cannabis but made some enquiries and ended up purchasing from The Lane Boys. Instant relief!  The cannabis tea took away the cramps, the constant nausea and bloating.  The cannabis suppositories (which do NOT make one ‘high’ as they bypass the major artery leading to the liver and go straight to the problem) took away the diarrhoea.  I am now a healthy 65 kgs ONLY BECAUSE OF CANNABIS!

There are two facebook pages (both american):  CKC – Cannabis Kills Cancer and Neutraceuticals 101.  I have been a member of both since being unwell.  Hundreds, literally hundreds of people with cancer have been completely healed by using cannabis.  Sometimes yes, by smoking it (great for breakthrough pain) but mostly by making oil and letting it dissolve under the tongue and/or by using anal suppositories as I did.  The main admin of CKC was himself completely cured of cancer using cannabis, having been given only months to live.  The main admin of Neutraceuticals is a chemist, a neuro-physisist, a consultant to NASA amongst other things – a very learned man.  Neither FB page is for ‘stoners’ but is for supporting people with detailed information on dosing etc together with whole life support with food and nutrients.  Magistrates concerned with the sentencing of The Lane Boys would do well to inform themselves.

One magistrate made the comment that Nimbin (and in particular The Lane Boys) need to grow up.  Part of growing up is the ability to be open to, and have the ability to assimilate information that, in our childish state, would normally be rejected.  In actual fact, it is the Court system that needs to ‘grow up’.

If it were not for The Lane Boys, it is possible I would not be alive today as my health condition had made me so depressed I was suicidal and it was impossible for me to gain weight.  The laws in our country regarding cannabis are archaic and go against all research and experience throughout the world.  It is our government’s attitude and the judicial system that needs to grow up.

I have a friend who makes cannabis oil (for free) for others to get rid of skin cancers.  Yes – used for 10 days it completely kills the cancer. So much better than the dr methods of burning and cutting. This oil is par excellence for pretty much any skin condition including staph infections.

Our current laws and the way they are carried out is sheer lunacy and is stopping the positive and healthy evolution of our country – the sentences these men received were head-shakingly ridiculous and go against all research, experience and grown-up thinking.

referenced from: https://www.echo.net.au/2017/08/mullum-nurse-defends-using-cannabis-cure/