New Report: Most Anti-Pot Claims Supported by Weak Science

Anti-Pot Claims Supported by Weak Science

The majority of the anti-pot claims that pop up in your newsfeed on a daily basis, like marijuana is as addictive as heroin, or that weed causes lower IQ points, are supported by weak science, according to a new report released by the International Centre for Science in D......


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Initial discussion with Dr Cristina Sanchez PhD biochemistry molecular biology

Dr Cristina Sanchez

All was going well until the recording software crashed,but thankfully I was able to salvage 17 minutes of the intial interview with Dr Cristina Sanchez.


Dr Cristina Sanchez PhD Molecular Biologist and biochemist talks cannabis

Dr Christina Sanchez

Part 1
I've split the original video into part 1 and 2 as the whole video interview was over 30 minutes long.
In Part one Dr Sanchez discusses her thoughts on our Dennis Hill interview.

 Part 2
In this video Cristina Answers several interesting questions from the Patients Of Cannabis website.



Senate committee reccommends medical cannabis bill

cannabis plant with hand touching

A parliamentary committee is backing a plan by a cross-section of senators to make medical cannabis available to Australians.

The Senate's legal and constitutional affairs committee recommended the Greens bill to set up a regulator of medical cannabis be passed.

The regulator would be "responsible for formulating rules for licensing the production, manufacture, supply, use, experimental use and import and export of medicinal cannabis".

The committee unanimously recommended the bill's passage, with amendments to ensure scientific evidence is accessed to determine suitably of treatments.

It also wants amendments to ensure medical cannabis products are made available in Australia in line with international obligations.

The private bill is co-sponsored by government senator Ian MacDonald, Labor senator Anne Urquhart and Liberal Democratic Party senator David Leyonhjelm.

Greens leader Richard Di Natale said Australians wanted medical cannabis reform and hopes the support from all sides of politics means parliament can work together to make it happen.

"This issue is not about politics, it's about getting medicine to people who need it," he said.