Doctors Diagnose And Prescribe What They're Told

Doctors Diagnose

Years ago,..... many years ago, I watched an interview with a group of interns being asked why they wanted to become a doctor, all of which replied with the following answers;

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Cannabis for treating severe addiction to other drugs

cannabis addiction

Just a few days back I watched a drunk young woman staggering from one side of the sidewalk to the other, occasionally falling to the ground, she would gather her possessions, continue and fall again. I thought to myself, how can this be legal and cannabis not?

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Why I Use Pot to Slow Down My Brain’s Aging Process—and Why You Should Too

marijuana and the brain

I stopped smoking weed many years ago for a variety of reasons. Then, I started again for another variety of even better reasons.

One of the main reasons I stopped smoking was because a career as a foreign correspondent took me to countries where marijuana was so frowned upon that getting caught with it could have ended more than just my career.


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Here's How The Welfare Drug Tests Will Work

drug tests

CANBERRA -- It was one of the smaller programs announced in Tuesday's budget, but the one that has caused the biggest firestorm of controversy. A trial program to drug test 5000 recipients of Youth Allowance and Newstart in three as-yet-undisclosed locations from January 2018

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