It's all fluff (it feels fluffy) left in the hands of the bureaucrats who placate the sick and dying but don't deliver. The TGA , AMA and our useless Australian government make a great team implementing the game of loop da loop.
Cannabis is not a new plant that Australia just recently discovered, it's the second most popular recreational drug in Australia, and even though it's unregulated, it's still safer than alcohol, never a death. You can't say that about alcohol.
Regulation and a standardized product would be great,  this would also force the unregulated black market to lift their game. And with the prices of medical cannabis to be unaffordable for most chronically ill patients, there will always be a black market, much to my dislike.
Surely we can look at the USA and their experiences. Has there been medical cannabis users dying in the US, anything negative feedback? I've monitored the science and cannabis related media over the past 10 years and it's all positive, just a bit of rhetorical propaganda occasionally popping up from the cold war era, but nothing of substance, no science to back it up.
Patiently I wait for the results of the trials, whilst watching loved ones die, it's a disaster and the government/AMA/TGA should be held responsible for deaths and suffering and mismanagement of the medical cannabis scheme.
Now I'm not saying cannabis is a cure all, but it's not a danger to mankind as it's made out to be, we can look at California for the proof of that, still no deaths to date.
And finally, this should not be all about $$$$ or waiting for Big Pharma to work out a way to protect their profits or come up with some synthetic sub-standard product rather than the natural one that we don't quite have in hand.

By Big Bob Darley
Weed it and Weep.

Recent news suggests Monsanto may be planning to monopolize the cannabis industry with its evil, cancer-causing poisons and GMOs. The future of cannabis might be genetically engineered, glyphosate-doused WEED that’s toxic to humanity. I can't wait.




The legalisation of medicinal cannabis has created confusion and uncertainty for some patients. There are frequent media reports about medicinal cannabis, which have fuelled patients asking their GPs to prescribe medicinal cannabis.

While the federal government has legalised medicinal cannabis, there are still many relevant state and territory legislation and administrative processes to navigate before the substance can be prescribed by GPs. Rigorous testing and development of clinical guidelines is still occurring and there is uncertainty amongst the healthcare community about eligibility in patients for medicinal cannabis.

Dr Bartone, Vice-President of the AMA, told that he does not see those patient-doctor exchanges changing until the medicinal cannabis trials in New South Wales, Victoria, and Queensland are complete.

"We need the information and evidence from those trials to inform appropriate preparations, concentrations and delivery. We are at least a couple of years off in terms of clinical guidelines that will inform GPs. Usually studies and evidence and documentation is all in place before GPs have the ability to prescribe," he said.

The AMA has consistently advocated caution on the legal sale of medicinal cannabis:

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