I would like to thank you Dennis from the bottom of my heart for telling your story and providing me with the knowledge and method to treat my stage 2b prostate cancer. Over the past 4 years, I had 4 biopsies and 9 PSA tests which showed a slow increase in cancer growth. I did the full 9 month treatment using your protocol and then had an MRI. My prostate had returned completely back to normal! It was painless and easy to do without any psychoactive effects.
Words cannot express my gratitude to you. You’re work and videos are truly a gift to humanity! Bless you Dennis Hill. –Ken

Thanks to the great work from: https://patients4medicalmarijuana.wordpress.com/2018/12/05/a-friend-of-this-blog-has-healed-his-prostate-cancer/

Watch our video interview with Dennis Hill here