Tony Bower Medical-cannabis producer again locked up

He is believed to be in custody in Grafton Jail after bail was refused yesterday. Around seven police searched his property on Wednesday afternoon and laid charges.

Australian HEMP Party and Nimbin HEMP Embassy president Michael Balderstone said ’this a big hit for Tony, the absolute pioneer of medical cannabis in Australia, he’s been to jail before for showing us how beneficial cannabis can be for epileptic children’.

The arrest comes as the federal government tries to improve access to medical cannabis for people suffering life-threatening or terminal illnesses.

Three years ago, Mr Bower was sentenced to 12 months jail for breaching bail when he was arrested for cultivating cannabis but released immediately on parole.

At that appearance he was described by the judge as ‘not your standard criminal’.

Mr Bower has continued his battle to have medicinal cannabis recognised as a legitimate treatment.

At the time he told the court that Mullaways had been contacted by the ACT government to help organise medical cannabis for the suffering in their state, praising them for their ‘courage’ in addressing the issue.


Let's hope that all the families, relatives etc, of the 150 people Tony supplied tincture to, come out in support of Tony and physically protest on behave of their loved ones, who may lack the capability to protest.
Tony put his freedom on the line to help those in need, he now needs your support.

The structure that the TGA/government has set up is inadequate in so many ways.
Cannabis is far too expensive for most and also too hard to get a prescription.
Doctors are uneducated about the benefits and contraindications, the infrastructure is a shambles.
Firstly, cannabis needs to be legalised, unless there is a good realistic argument for it not to be?

Robert Darley
Weed it and weep.