But the reality is that it would do so much more for Australia.
1) It would free up research for medical usage.
2) Allow for more science based education.
3) Provide medical cannabis users easier access and at a more affordable price.
4) Get rid of the oligopoly that presently exists for all things related to medical cannabis.
5) Take away the label of being a criminal and the stigma attached.

In the below video interview he discusses issues such as "the Gateway Drug", something health minister Greg Hunt feels strongly about, stating in this interview link below "marijuana's a gateway drug" .He says it in a very robotic fashion, quite funny to watch.

Greens Leader Dr Richard Di Natale will today announce the party’s plan to legalise cannabis for adult use. Dr Di Natale said our current approach to drugs in this country is an unmitigated disaster and that it is time for real reform.

“The war on drugs has failed. Governments around the world are realising that prohibition of cannabis causes more harm than it prevents. It’s time Australia joined them and legalised cannabis for adult use,” Dr Di Natale said.

“We need to get real about cannabis. Almost seven million Australians have tried or used cannabis socially but right now just having a small amount of cannabis in your possession could get you a criminal record.

“Cannabis accounts for most illicit drug arrests across Australia and each year cannabis consumption and arrests are growing.

“Prohibition has failed. Using cannabis remains illegal, but this has not stopped Australians from using it.

You can find the full article here

By Robert Darley
Weed it and weep.