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Here in the Evergreen State, cannabis goes hand-in-hand with the beautiful landscapes of snowcapped mountains, stretching forests, and rocky coastlines. With such a variety of strains available to Washington consumers, we wanted to know which ones resonate strongest here in the Pacific Northwest.

So, we took a look at the search volume across all strains to discover the most popular strains in Washington. Budtenders and inventory managers, take note of what supply and demand is trying to tell you!

1. Blue Dream

The 10 most popular cannabis strains in Washington

I don’t know what induced a national craze over Blue Dream[1], but it’s dominating menus in Washington, California[2], Colorado[3], and most other major markets in the U.S. If you’re one of a bajillion people to say your favorite strain is Blue Dream, you’re in luck because it’s practically everywhere.

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2. Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake cannabis strain


Wedding Cake[5] is a cross of GSC[6] and Cherry Pie[7], inheriting a sweet earthy and peppery flavor that shines through on each exhale. This strain has been splashing on the Washington scene as of late, as it has been used in many crosses like Guava Cake[8] and Wedding Crasher[9].

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3. Granddaddy Purple

granddaddy purple cannabis strain

Granddaddy Purple[11] is a cross of Purple Urkle[12] and Big Bud[13] with a sweet berry aroma. GDP produces a blissfully relaxing experience, so consider clearing your schedule once you grab this off the shelf.

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4. Purple Punch

purple punch cannabis strain

Purple Punch[15] is a grape candy-flavored cross of Larry OG[16] and Granddaddy Purple[17]. This potent strain’s punch can be felt throughout the head and body, a memorable sensation that people will search statewide to experience more than once.

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5. Original Glue

original glue cannabis strain

Original Glue[19] is a tranquilizing cannabis strain comprised of Chem’s Sister[20], Sour Dubb[21], and Chocolate Diesel[22]. Aptly named, it’s called Glue because it leaves many consumers stuck to the couch. With its illustrious reputation, it’s easy to see why Original Glue is so popular in Washington.

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6. Green Crack

green crack cannabis strain

Named for its racy cerebral effects, Green Crack[24] puts your mind on the fast-track, a rollercoaster ride some enjoy more than others. Creatives and social butterflies flock to this tropical-flavored strain for its ability to spark ideas and conversation, and it’s sure to help Washingtonians through those long, dark winters.

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7. Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel cannabis strain

Few strains make better outdoor companions than the enlivening Sour Diesel[26]. This invigorating strain offers a burst of energy and sensory stimulation, so hikers and backpackers keep this one in mind for your next sunny stroll through the Cascades or Olympics.

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8. Jack Herer

jack herer cannabis strain

Jack Herer[27] combines Haze[28], Northern Lights #5[29], and Shiva Skunk[30] genetics to produce a peppery spice and pine flavored cannabis strain. People seek its clear-headed qualities that provoke a creative mindset, which pairs perfectly with sitting by the Puget Sound with a nice book.

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9. GSC

gsc cannabis strain

Washington couldn’t escape the Cookie craze, and GSC[32] still clings to its position on this list. Veteran and heavyweight consumers demand potency, and this hybrid rarely disappoints. Get ready for a psychoactive blast that will leave you feeling weightless and worry-free on euphoria’s Cloud 9.

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10. Durban Poison

Durban Poison cannabis strain

Rounding out the top 10 Washington strains is Durban Poison[34], the classic South African strain with sweet earthy buds. It’s super duper popular in Oregon, so it’s easy to see why it’d be so searched for in Washington. Plus, it’s really damn good. Just straight up.

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