Arizer Air II review

Arizer Air-II

Arizer Air II review

It's hard to be objective in reviewing Arizers latest model of vaporizer as I advertise their products on my site

So what I need to inform the readers first is that I won't advertise anything I don't consider excellent quality to begin with.

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NJ Adds 5 New Qualifying Conditions To Medical Marijuana Program

NJ Adds 5 New Qualifying Conditions for Medical Cannabis

The post NJ Adds 5 New Qualifying Conditions To Medical Marijuana Program appeared first on High Times.

Great news for residents of New Jersey: NJ adds 5 new qualifying conditions to medical marijuana program.

Medical Marijuana in New Jersey

In 2010, on his final day in office, Governor Jon Corzine signed a law passing medical...

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Smoking Marijuana Causes ‘Complete Remission’ of Crohn’s Disease, No Side Effects, New Study Shows

Crohn’s Disease

Marijuana – scientific name “cannabis” – performed like a champ in the first-ever placebo-controlled trial of the drug to treat Crohn’s Disease, also known as inflammatory bowel disease.

The disease of the digestive tract afflicts 400,000 – 600,000 people in North America alone causing abdominal pain, diarrhea (which can be bloody), severe vomiting, weight loss, as well as secondary skin rashes, arthritis, inflammation of the eye, tiredness, and lack of concentration.

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QLD mum uses marijuana to treat daughter's 19 chronic illnesses


An Aussie mum-of-four has replaced all of her brain damaged nine-year-old daughter’s medication with illegal marijuana she grows and cooks at home.
 Katrina Spraggon cooks up cannabis oil in her kitchen to treat daughter Kaitlyn’s 19 chronic illnesses, which include cerebral palsy, refractory epilepsy and severe scoliosis.

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