Every Famous Astrophysicist Agrees: Marijuana Should Be Legalized


Photo by https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neil_deGrasse_Tyson

There aren’t very many famous scientists in the world—for some reason, celebrity and peer-reviewed research don’t go hand-in-hand—but where popular culture and rational inquiry intersect, the resulting Venn diagram is pro-marijuana.

On Monday, prominent astrophysicist (and Twitter personality) Neil...

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NSW medical cannabis bill extinguished

A bid to decriminalise medical cannabis has been shot down by the NSW government.

Legislation put forward by Labor to decriminalise the possession of small amounts of cannabis for treatment of chronic and serious medical conditions was voted down on Thursday.

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Mullum nurse defends using cannabis as a cure

Sunny Jatara, an assistant nurse in aged care, used cannabis to cure herself. (Facebook)

Sunny Jatara, Mullumbimby

First, I’d like you to know that I have never tried any drugs at all – never in my 58 years.  I’m an educated mother of four daughters who are all adults and all employed in ways that further the goodness of our planet.  I try never to break the law – I’ve only once had a speeding ticket in 40 years.

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Jeff Sessions’ Letters to Legal Weed States Were Full of Mistaken Facts

Jeff Sessions ? or Anslinger, not sure.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is on a letter-writing spree to legal marijuana state governors, accusing them of things that, well, never happened and are simply not true.

In a missive obtained by the Cannabist, Sessions scolds Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper for not keeping a promise to prevent marijuana from spilling out of the state’s...

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