More Studies Prove the Effectiveness of Cannabis in Lowering Blood Pressure

Effectiveness of Cannabis in Lowering Blood Pressure

It’s still early, according to researchers in England, but studies are showing evidence that suggest cannabidiol (CBD) may be an effective treatment for stress.

We already know that the too-stoned feeling, which may cause a sense of discomfort, or even paranoia, can be mellowed out with CBD.

Researchers are now digging into some of the other...

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One Vet’s Opinion On Marijuana As Medicine For Your Pet


Q&A: Is marijuana a good option for the health of your dog or cat?
Any animal with a backbone (classified as a chordate) has an endocannabinoid system.

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Medicinal cannabis: Government accused of defying will of Senate over importation

jar of cannabis

An attempt to open up access to imported medicinal cannabis for dying patients has failed, prompting accusations the executive arm of the Government is defying the will of the Parliament.

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Cannabis for pain and PTSD 'lacks high-quality evidence'

Cannabis for pain and PTSD

 An analysis of existing reports on the effectiveness of cannabis for treating pain and post-traumatic stress disorder finds no high-quality evidence in its defense.

There is not enough high-quality scientific evidence to support the use of cannabis as an effective and safe treatment for chronic pain or post-traumatic stress disorder.

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