Legalise cannabis for medical use: top professor

Emeritus Professor David Penington

Emeritus Professor David Penington says Australia is behind the times on the medical use of cannabis. Photo: Simon Schluter

The NSW government's clinical trial of medicinal cannabis is inappropriate for patients suffering extreme pain, and the drug should be legally approved for patients diagnosed by doctors, a paper in a top medical journal argues.

"We are behind the times on medical cannabis," writes David Penington, an emeritus professor at Melbourne University, in a paper in the Medical Journal of Australia on Sunday.

"Twenty three states in the US have legalised use of cannabis for medical conditions, as has Canada since 2001. Other countries approving it include Israel, Holland and the Czech Republic."

Dr Penington, a public health and medicinal marijuana advocate, was named the 2014 Victorian of the Year.

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Study finds one in six chronic pain sufferers use medicinal cannabis

cannabis tincture

Up to one in six Australian chronic pain sufferers is technically breaking the law, a landmark national study has found.

The figure is from a survey involving 1,500 chronic pain sufferers conducted by researchers at the University of New South Wales in Sydney.

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