64 Studies That Show Cannabis Can Treat Various Cancers

cannabis flower
Cannabis, and the cannabinoid compounds found within it, has been shown through a large  amount of scientific, peer-reviewed research to be effective at treating a wide variety of cancers, ranging from brain cancer to colon cancer. Below is a list of over 60 studies that demonstrate the vast anti-cancer properties of cannabis.

Studies showing...

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New Report: Most Anti-Pot Claims Supported by Weak Science

Anti-Pot Claims Supported by Weak Science

The majority of the anti-pot claims that pop up in your newsfeed on a daily basis, like marijuana is as addictive as heroin, or that weed causes lower IQ points, are supported by weak science, according to a new report released by the International Centre for Science in D......


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Initial discussion with Dr Cristina Sanchez PhD biochemistry molecular biology

Dr Cristina Sanchez

All was going well until the recording software crashed,but thankfully I was able to salvage 17 minutes of the intial interview with Dr Cristina Sanchez.


Dr Cristina Sanchez PhD Molecular Biologist and biochemist talks cannabis

Dr Christina Sanchez

Part 1
I've split the original video into part 1 and 2 as the whole video interview was over 30 minutes long.
In Part one Dr Sanchez discusses her thoughts on our Dennis Hill interview.

 Part 2
In this video Cristina Answers several interesting questions from the Patients Of Cannabis website.